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Boabom is an Art of Relaxation, Meditation, and Defense
with its roots in ancient Tibet.

Designed to develop Vitality and Internal Energy,
Boabom is taught Progressively,
without contact or competition.
Boabom brings the Mind and Body into harmony,
releasing stress, improving focus and balance,
by creating Meditation in Movement.

Getting to BSB

The Boston School of Boabom is located at:

33a Harvard Street, 2nd Floor
Brookline Village, MA 02445

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MBTA - Green Line (D), Brookline Village
Bus - Route 66

Free Introductory Class

The Boston School of Boabom will be offering a free intro class on at 12:00 pm. You can register here:


We hold these intro classes every Saturday at noon. If you can't make it this week, come next time!

In the intro class you will get an introduction to both Gentle and Osseous Boabom, the two primary Arts that we teach. The class lasts 45 minutes—bring loose, comfortable clothes, an open mind, and a huge desire to learn! You can take the class barefoot, or with socks on.

You can also email us, or call us at 617-480-8237 to register or with any questions.

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